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Colgrain PE Short

Colgrain PE Short

Colgrain PE Short (in Red)

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* £8

* Our PE short fabric is 100% polyester offering an ideal blend for easy care * It washes at 40 degrees and can take a cool tumble and cool heat iron * It is made by David Luke (DL11), the best selling PE short in the UK primary school market * Comes with waist tie.

* This garment is available to order online in 6 waist sizes (waist sizes are in inches):

Waist 18/20 (Age 4/5), Waist 22/24 (Age 6/7), Waist 26/28 (Age 8/9), Waist 30/32 (Age 10/11), Waist 34/36, Waist 38/40.